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Charla Schnupp


Charla is the owner and founder of Living History Services. Miss Charla resides in New Hyde Park, Long Island. She graduated from Adelphi University with a BA in English Language Arts and a MA in Adolescent Education and graduated from Long Island University with a MS in Library and Information Science. She is presently pursuing her Doctorate in Business Management Leadership and Organization. She is a member of her local Volunteer Fire Department where Miss Charla is both a Fire Fighter and an EMT. Though Miss Charla has no formal acting experience she has been a long term reenactor of the Medieval Period, the Renaissance, the Civil War, the Victorian Period and WW II.  She has a love of history, a passion for reenacting, for community service and for being a life long learner. Miss Charla also owns a small photography business called Apropo photo.  For more information visit 


Anjanette Billings

Miss Anjanette resides in Sea Cliff and is Living History's newest addition!  And we are very proud to have her.  She has been a musical performer for many years, displaying her extraordinary vocal skills and musical range in a variety of venues and with an eclectic mix of performance groups.  Miss Anjanettes talents span the musical spectrum from classical to contemporary.  Her stage presence alone wows audiences from all walks of life.  She has been involved in charity work for different causes and had a strong affinity for helping people.  Miss Anjanette enjoys fantasy roleplay and fantasy gaming. There are no limits to the size of her heart and you can feel it with the very first hello hug. Living History is proud to provide her with he first formal acting experience, which has already received rave reviews. She seems as if she has been acting her entire life.



Samuel Shaw

Sam joins us from Sea Cliff and has played a myriad roles for Living History. From a constable to a love sick suitor he uses his long time fantasy and role playing gaming experience to bring Living History performances to life.  He has a natural talent for comical relief, and audience interaction.  His charming personality, easy laughter and his creative spark makes him an instant hit on and off the performing floor.  Living History is honored to have Sam and all his talents as part of their family.


Chris Schnupp
Chris is from New Hyde Park and has extensive experience with Civil War and WW II reenacting.  He has a BA in Social Studies, a Masters of Library and Information Science and is presently persuing a Law degree. Chris was formally a Social Studies Teacher and presently works as the Library Director for the St. Pauls School of Nursing. He is a member of the American Historical Association, American Library Association, American College and Research Libraries and a Phi Alpha Theta, National History Honor Society Member. Chris is a Volunteer Fire Fighter and 2nd Lt. for the New Hyde Park Fire Department.  He has a passion for history and a love for serving his community.


Joeseph  Nappi
Joseph is from Babylon Long Island and has a BA in History. Joe is a Member of the National Historical Association, and the Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society.  He is a long term Civil War and WWII reenactor.  He has a love of history and a delightful sense of humor.  His outgoing personality makes him a joy to work with and his attention to historical details makes him the go to man for historical information.

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Photo by Charla Schnupp


Photos by Charla Schnupp


Photos by Charla Schnupp


“History is the short trudge from Adam to atom.”

 Leonard L. Levinson

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All Rights Reserved. All that is displayed on this page is the intellectual property of Living History and can not be copied without expressed permission by the site author. For information e-mail Copyright 2007.

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