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Services offered by Living History:
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Have your old fashioned portrait taken!



Purchase a beautiful fan!


Have a hat made to order! 


Photo Album or Scrap Book made to order!


Fortune Telling*All services are for entertainment purposes only.


Feathered Masks and

Seasonal Items


Gift Wrapping


We now also offer for purchaces



     Available in: solid black, solid white or

           printed cloth sizes baby - adult XL $10

    Cottage style, drawn style, capote style and  

           straw capote style. $120

White Mop Hat $ 10

Printed Mop Hat with Lace $15

White Coif Bonnet $10

Cloth Reticule $15

Hand Made Lye Soap $5 each $10 w/ tin tub soap dish

     Pure 'N Simple

     Cinnamon & Oatmeal



White Feather Quill $5 w/ Ink $10

Porcelin Victorian Doll $25

Soft Body Amish Doll (Boy or Girl)

     Available dressed in Blue, Lavender or  


        18" $20

        14" $15

         8" $10

         3" $5

Images may be available upon request.


Ladies and Children Victorian clothing is available upon request. Please contact us for detatils and prices.


For these and other needs
please send an e-mail to the address listed below.







“"Reading history is good for all of us," he says, not surprisingly, perhaps, but his rationale is a fresh, somewhat bracing thought: "If you know history, you know that there is no such thing as a self-made man or self-made woman. We are shaped by people we have never met. Yes, reading history will make you a better citizen and more appreciative of the law, and of freedom, and of how the economy works or doesn't work, but it is also an immense pleasure—the way art is, or music is, or poetry is. And it's never stale."”

 David C. McCullough

Please also visit for information about portrait photography that comes to you

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